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Educational  Services

Fire Station Tours - We schedule station tours at least two weeks in advance for groups of up to 20 people. Please keep in mind that the firefighters will be on duty, and an emergency call could take them away during your visit.


Fire Truck Visits

We take requests for visits to public events at least two weeks in advance. We encourage our firefighters to always include safety education in all of their public appearances. As with station tours, please keep in mind that the firefighters will be on-duty, which can affect their arrival and departure times.s. 

Community Group Presentations

We welcome requests from community groups such as neighborhood associations, senior groups, service groups, and apartment communities to teach the basics of smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, preventing house fires, holiday fire safety, and other fire/life safety topics.

School Visits 

We take requests from schools for standard fire Truck Visits, Career Day presentations, Fire Prevention Education, and other programs.


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