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¡Únete a nuestro Equipo de Bomberos!

Seeking Physically Fit and Mentally Tough Individuals... Do You Have What It Takes?

El Cuerpo de Bomberos del Condado de Travis actualmente está aceptando solicitudes de empleo. Los candidatos deben completar una prueba de agilidad física y una prueba escrita.


The anticipated start date for TCFR Fire Academy it's in August 2023. After completing the academy, cadets will be eligible for full-time employment.

Bombero certificado / EMT  Programa VÍA RÁPIDA

Tenga en cuenta que para completar esta solicitud, deberá tener una copia/imagen de lo siguiente:


  • Licencia de conducir

  • Certificación contra incendios (Comisión de Protección contra Incendios de Texas - Básico o superior)

  • Certificación EMT-B o Superior (Registro Estatal o Nacional)


Si no tiene estos tres artículos disponibles, reúnalos antes de enviar su solicitud.

Cadets will receive full benefits and pay of $18.00/hour while assigned to the Fire Academy
Calificaciones mínimas
  • Seguro médico, dental y de la vista

  • Licencia pagada por enfermedad y vacaciones 

  • Plan de jubilación de TCDRS

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Must be at least 18 years of age before the start date of Fire Academy

  • Must have a U.S. high school diploma,  G.E.D. or equivalent degree from a U.S. institution

  • Must be a  U.S. Citizen (birth or naturalized). If you are not a United States' citizen, your immigration status must be current (green card, work visa, etc.)  to work legally in the United States of America 

  •  Must be able to read, write, and speak English

  • Must have a current valid driver license issued from state of residence.  Once hired, Firefighters/EMT are required to obtain and maintain a Texas Class "B" driver’s license

  • Must have a valid Social Security card

  • Meet all legal requirements necessary to become certified by:

    • Texas Commission on Fire Protection

    • Texas Department of State Health Services 

​​​If you have any questions about your ability to become certified, please contact the appropriate agency above directly.


¡Gracias por enviar!

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